Top Funding Rounds in 2018

The company’s Chief Technology Officer was previously the CTO of Google’s engineering team, and co-founder Chris Lattner is a former Apple employee who created the popular LLVM software toolkit. Their aim is to simplify the AI development process.

Early customers

They are currently testing the platform with early customers and hope to launch in a few months. With their new funding, they will expand their team and bring their product to a wider market.

AMFG’s Series B will help the company grow and develop their team, advancing their mission to become the leading Factory Operating System for manufacturers. In the past year, they have made many important progress, including establishing global headquarters in Austin, Texas and making strategic hires.

The company is already deploying 80 Ambisort systems, and plans to deploy another hundred next year. This will help the company scale operations and increase production.

Industrial businesses

They are developing a modular, low-cost robotics system that they will make available to small industrial businesses. Using this funding, the company expects to double its team and expand its platform by at least 30% by the end of the year.

The company also has plans to expand across the European Union and the United States. The funds will support the company’s expansion into manufacturing clusters in Bangladesh and the United States.

Flow Engineering is a collaborative software platform that allows hardware engineering teams to work together on their products. This helps them design and implement complex systems and get them to market 30 to 50% faster. The company has received participation from a number of Europe’s top tech investors. It will use the funds to build a global team of engineers.

Learning to provide

CloudNC has received a Series B round from Atomico, Autodesk, Episode 1 Ventures, Lockheed Martin and British Patient Capital. The company will use this money to expand its full-stack manufacturing capability in Essex, as well as to expand its SaaS offering.

Tractian is a supplier of advanced industrial monitoring systems. Founded by Stanford engineering PhDs, the company uses machine learning to provide data-driven action management for factory teams. The company also offers a digital product passport to store materials data on the blockchain.

Easily adapted

The company recently closed a Series A round of $15 million. It will use the funding to expand its product offerings and its global engineering team. Other investors participated in the round, including YCombinator, Sierra Ventures, 8VC, and TPG.

Modular is an artificial intelligence company that aims to simplify the process of building and implementing AI models. Their platform can be easily adapted to any task and the company is looking to deliver its platform as a series of modules.

Development team

Amper is a software company that enables manufacturers to upgrade their production processes and create a new generation of products. This round will allow them to develop additional software tools for IoT, manufacturing and digital business operations. Additionally, they will expand their development team and expand their sales and marketing efforts.

The startup’s goal is to deploy their products on all construction sites in the U.S., and they plan to do this with Dusty Robotics, which produces robotic solutions for the construction industry. Another company, Buildots, uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to help construction firms improve their workflows.

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