Ruby Redfort Games

Ruby Redfort is a brilliant thirteen-year-old genius, a code cracker, and an undercover agent. Her abilities have led to the capture of a number of evil villains. She’s also perfected her parkour skills, but ignoring the warning signs could land her in trouble.

A multi-million-copy bestseller, Ruby Redfort is a clever, observant, and tenacious young heroine. She is also a daring detective and a gadget-filled special agent who foils crimes with her dog, Hitch. She’s cool under pressure, too.

Ruby Redfort’s job requires her to attend social events with rich people. Her parents, the Redforts, are both wealthy and famous socialites. Her father, Brant, is a handsome, but a bit brainless, while her mother, Sabina, is a witty, charming socialite. She also encounters the Count, an evil card-carrying villain.

While Ruby Redfort was enjoying her lunch, her toaster began to ping with some unfortunate news. It was a message from Holbrook. The message had come from Ruby Redfort’s father, who was a member of the Olivarian Society. The Olivarian Society had required its members to taste twelve different kinds of olives in secret. The goal was to identify the variety, but also the region it came from.

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