CineBloom Filters Take Your Photography to the Next Level With a CineBloom Filter

There is a silver lining to the cloudy skies that are the hallmark of many a summer afternoon. The latest crop of DSLRs can now take advantage of the improved light levels thanks to a new crop of CineBloom filters. you will find they produce a more natural image. This filter can be used with stills or video.

Different power levels

These filter marvels are manufactured from high-grade Japanese optical glass and topped off with aerospace grade metals. With a name like that it is hardly surprising that the company behind the best selling lenses for the pros has released its own line of diffusion filters. They are available in the form of three different power levels, and can be mounted on any Moment lens or adapted to other brands through a suitable 67mm filter adapter.

Using one of these filters will not only improve your shots, but make your camera a bit more friendly to your human eyes. Plus, since these filters are designed for optimal optical performance, you will find they produce a more natural image, with less aliasing, blurriness and vignettes. So if youre looking to take your game to the next level, get a Moment lens and a CineBloom filter, and you’re on your way to making your camera the envy of the neighborhood.

Diffusion Filter Review

A CineBloom diffusion filter is a filter that provides an added effect of film-like bokeh and stylisation. These filters are designed to provide a soft focus effect, blurring hard edges, wrinkles, and softening skin tones. They are ideal for night footage and dreamy footage.

The filters are crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and Japanese optical glass to offer superior image clarity and durability. They are compatible with standard camera lenses with a center pinch lens cap. This filter can be used with stills or video.

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Its round shape, matte black finish, and red accents make it look sleek and stylish. It also comes with a cleaning cloth and the correct thread size. In addition, it produces a hazy glow around light sources.

Different camera types

It has an ND or VND ring so that you can use it with other filters to capture motion blur. There are also a variety of sizes for different camera types. For instance, there is a 37mm version that is designed for iPhones, while the 82mm version is aimed at DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

CineBloom filters come in densities of 5%, 10%, and 20%, depending on the effect you want. You can buy them from Moment at a range of price points. These diffusion filters have been developed to work with both video and stills, and are perfect for those looking for a softer effect.

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